Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a compilation of questions often asked by students.

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How do I obtain an override for psychology courses?

Psychology uses the MyMadison waitlist feature. See more information on our overrides and exceptions page.  Email with questions.

Can I take PSYC 101 and PSYC 210 (or PSYC 212) at the same time?

No. You must complete the major admissions criteria before you can register for PSYC 210 or 212.

Can I take PSYC 210 and PSYC 211 at the same time? Can I take PSYC 212 and 213 at the same time?

No.  Students must complete one course before attempting the next course in the sequence.  During summer, however, students can complete PSYC 210 during the first 4-week session, and then complete PSYC 211 during a later summer session. 

Can I take PSYC 211/213 and Content Core courses at the same time?

No.  Students must complete PSYC 211/213 before attempting either the Psychology Social Science Content Core or the Psychology Natural Science Content Core. 

Do I need to complete General Education requirements if I have an Associates Degree (AA)?

Students who have completed certain associates degrees at a Virginia Community College do not have to complete any additional liberal studies or general education requirements at JMU. You do need to complete bachelor’s degree requirements, as well as courses required for your major and minor programs.

Note that a minimum of 60 credit hours must be earned at 4-year institutions to meet JMU's bachelor's degree graduation requirements. If more than 60 credits have transferred from 2-year schools, you will need more than 120 credit hours to graduate.

A minimum of 30 credit hours must be earned at JMU to earn JMU bachelors degree. In some cases this may mean that more than 120 credit hours will be required to graduate.

Can I take Psychology courses at another university and apply them to my JMU Psychology Major?

Equivalent courses can be taken at other colleges and universities with permission of the Head of the Psychology Department. You should obtain this permission in advance, before you register for the courses you would like to take. Many students take advantage of this policy to take summer courses near their homes or to travel and attend colleges around the world. See the main office (Miller 1120) for transfer request paperwork.

Can I get credit for my summer job?

Students are encouraged to find meaningful and interesting summer experiences that are relevant to their career preparation whether or not this work can earn college credits. JMU psychology does not award college credits for work experiences completed independently of a college experience. For college credit, you need to have an experience that is formally related to your academic training, and the experience needs to be supervised and evaluated by a faculty member who gives you a grade.

In some cases, it is possible to earn college credit for work with a faculty member that is related to work or internship experiences. Talk to a faculty member about what you are planning to do during the summer. If you need some help identifying someone who might speak to you about this, start with your academic advisor, and for additional ideas you can discuss your plans with one of the Assistant Department Heads. It is best to have these discussions BEFORE you leave for the summer.

Even if you do not earn college credit for your summer work, if the work is interesting to you and/or relevant to your future career, don’t hesitate to get the experience. We recommend that you document your experience by obtaining and saving documents that describe what you did. Summer work supervisors can sometimes provide valuable letters of recommendation, particularly if the work you did is relevant to your future career or graduate study plans.  

How do I treat courses numbered 000?

Courses numbered 000 (such as PSYC 000) are transferred courses that have been accepted by JMU as elective credit. In many cases these courses are incorrectly classified and should be transferred as a specific JMU course. Courses numbered 000 will count only as electives. If a course is reclassified it may satisfy specific requirements.

For courses transferred as PSYC 000, you will need to bring a course description (from the institution’s catalog and/or the course syllabus) to the Head or one of the Assistant Heads of the psychology department (Miller 1120). Each course will be considered individually for credit towards specific psychology courses.

For courses transferred as 000 in other departments (such as ENG 000 or MATH 000) you will need to bring a course description to the head of each JMU department offering the course. Each course will be considered individually.

How do I treat courses numbered 002?

Courses numbered 002 (such as PSYC 002) are transferred courses that have been accepted by JMU for credit towards graduation. These courses count as university electives but cannot fulfill psychology major or General Education requirements.