Transferring Courses & Credit by Exam

Evaluation of Transfer Credit

Students may request to transfer courses taken at other colleges and universities to JMU. Please see the Registrar’s guide on transferring credit to JMU for more information.

  • Current JMU students should seek permission (by completing a "Permission to Take Courses for Transfer Credit" form) to transfer courses to JMU prior to taking the course at another institution.
  • Some Virginia Community College courses already have JMU equivalents determined.
  • If requested, course syllabi must be submitted to the Head or Assistant Heads of the Psychology Department before course transfer decisions can be made.
  • Students transferring into JMU will have their credit evaluated at the time of admission.

Submit the transfer credit request form off in the main office of Psychology, Miller 1120, for review.

Generally, PSYC courses taken at accredited colleges and universities that are similar to courses offered by JMU in content and level will be accepted for transfer credit. Students may only transfer 200-level courses taken at community colleges for 300- or 400-level JMU courses if the scope and level of the courses are similar.

Credit by Examination

AP Credit. The department of psychology accepts a score of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement Examination. These grades will earn a student 3 credit hours and will appear on the transcript as PSYC 101.

IB Credit. The department of psychology accepts examination credit based upon the International Baccalaureate diploma. JMU requires a score of 4 or above on "Higher-Level IB Courses" and 6 or above on "Subsidiary--Level IB Courses." Students with satisfactory scores earn 3 credit hours listed on the transcript as PSYC 101.