James Madison University

Transfer Student Information

All newly admitted transfer students who want to become Psychology Majors should follow these steps to become fully admitted to the Psychology Major.

  1. Declare the Psychology Major
    Transfer students typically declare the psychology major as part of the Transfer Student Admissions process. 
  2. Apply to become a Fully-Admitted
    After you have been accepted to JMU you will be emailed by the department to complete our online orientation to the Psychology Major. Your requirements will be reviewed to determine if you are ready to be Fully-Admitted in Psychology on Transfer Orientation Day.
  3. Requirements to be a Fully-Admitted Psychology Major.
    Transfer students who have not met these criteria prior to enrolling at JMU will be asked to complete Psyc 101 and/or the Math requirement during their first semester, and may request that their application be rolled over to the next admissions review.
  4. Graduation Timing:  After admission to the Psychology Major it takes at least 4 semesters to graduate from JMU, so it is strongly recommended that you complete the required introductory psychology and math courses prior to admission.

Additional helpful Links for students transferring to JMU:

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