Fall 2021 Registration Information

Course Notes

Psyc 105. Orientation to the Major. (Previously Psyc 200). This course will provide psychology majors with knowledge and tools to get the most out of the major. Topics include an introduction to the psychology major at JMU, strategies for discerning between credible and non-credible information, professional (e.g., student/professor) communication and campus learning support resources. This course is only available for students who have not yet completed the two-semester methodology sequence.  Prerequisite: Declared Psychology Major and Psyc 101.

Psyc 106. Preparing for Graduate School with a Psychology Major. (Previously Psyc 200). This course will guide students through graduate school selection and application processes. Coverage includes graduate training opportunities across sub-disciplines in psychology and appropriate preparation to pursue such opportunities. Topics include participating in research and fieldwork experiences, preparing for and taking the GREs, selecting appropriate programs, and applying to graduate schools (including letters of recommendation, interviews, and writing curriculum vitae and personal statements). Prerequisite: Psychology Majors only; Psyc 101.

Psyc 250. Introduction to Abnormal Psychology. This course is not recommended for Psychology Majors. Psychology majors interested in this content should take Psyc 335, Abnormal Psychology. Credit cannot be earned for Psyc 335 by students who have previously taken Psyc 250. Psyc 250 is a course designed for non-psychology students who need a brief exposure to this content for their non-psychology academic program.

Psyc 400. Special Topics – Applications of Psychological Science. This course will focus on the systematic application of psychological science and psychological principles to examine and understand emergence and maintenance of and potential intervention for prevailing social issues (e.g., gun control and access, cannabis legalization, environmental racism, and healthcare access). Empirical sources, theoretical content, and popular media will be used in conjunction with knowledge and skills garnered as psychology majors to engage in the process of applying psychological science to further understanding of social issues. This course is offered by Dr. Jessica Irons (ironsjg@jmu.edu). Prerequisite: 1 Social Science Content Core and 1 Natural Science Content Core class.

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Sociocultural Awareness Courses

Psychology Majors are required to complete at least one "Sociocultural Awareness" course as part of their academic program. The following courses being offered during the Fall semester fulfill this requirement:

  • Psyc 220. Psychology and Culture
  • Psyc 310. Women and Gender
  • Psyc 325. Counseling Psychology
  • Psyc 497. Senior Seminar: Women and Mental Health
  • Psyc 497. Senior Seminar: Environment, Health and Behavior
  • Psyc 497. Senior Seminar: Work-Life Integration

Capstone Courses

The prerequisites for all capstone courses are two courses from the Social Science Content core and two courses from the Natural Science Content core. Overrides are routinely given for these courses, if space is available, for students who are completing their final semester of coursework for graduation. Email ugpsyc@jmu.edu if you are having trouble registering for your final semester coursework.

Psyc 497, Section 1. Leadership and Service. Leadership and Service will study the experience of leadership and service from a psychological perspective. The course will assist students with identifying their personal leadership skills and styles as well as how to adapt these to various situations related to service in the community. The course will enable students to integrate concepts of service learning into leadership development. Emphasis will also be on developing an effective leadership approach to service learning. 40-hours of service-learning will be required. This course is offered by Dr. Bill Evans (evanswf@jmu.edu).

Psyc 497, Section 2. Women and Mental Health. This course will address concepts relating to women’s mental health. Special attention will be given to socio-cultural phenomena, and a respect for women’s experiences will be maintained at all times. Fulfills Sociocultural Awareness requirement for the Psychology Major. This course is being offered by Dr. Pam Gibson (gibsonpr@jmu.edu).

Psyc 497, Section 3. Environment, Health and Behavior. This course will examine the effects of toxins on the nervous system, inequities in exposure patterns that place particular populations at higher risk for harm, toxicant-induced illnesses that receive psychological diagnoses (e.g., endometriosis), attitudes toward environmental quality, and the emerging fields of ecopsychology and ecotherapy. Fulfills Sociocultural Awareness requirement for the Psychology Major. This course is offered by Dr. Pam Gibson (gibsonpr@jmu.edu).

Psyc 497, Section 4. Work-Life Integration. This course will focus on how the dynamics among work, family, and individual responsibilities and goals relate to mental and physical health, public policy, family functioning, and discrimination, among other topics. This class will highlight historical changes in family structure, international variation in work/life integration issues, socioeconomic influences, and ideas for solving problems related to work/life integration. Fulfills Sociocultural Awareness requirement for the Psychology Major. This course is offered by Dr. Tracy Zinn (zinnte@jmu.edu).