Admission Requirements: New Procedure for Fall 2019.

You may not need to meet with your adviser to get help in this area. Please read the content below, and contact your adviser if you need additional assistance.

Step 1: Declare the Major

Step 2: Enroll in the Pre-Requisite Courses

  • PSYC 101
  • MATH 220 is recommended. MATH 205, 231, and 235 are accepted. (COB 191, ISAT 151, ISAT 251, Math 011, and other 200-level math courses are accepted, but NOT RECOMMENDED for students who have not yet completed their math prerequisite.)
  • These are the pre-requisite courses for PSYC 210 or PSYC 212.

Step 3: Register For Psyc 210 Or Psyc 212.

  • During advanced registration, enroll in PSYC 210 or PSYC 212. If the class is closed, enroll in a waitlist for the class.  (Advanced registration for Spring 2020 classes begins  November 4, 2019.)
  • Students who do not demonstrate mastery (see Step 4) by the end of the current semester will be dropped from PSYC 210 or 212.

Step 4: Demonstrate Mastery

  • Complete the pre-requisite courses (PSYC 101 and 200-level Math) with a C- or higher.
  • Demonstrate mastery by completing one of the following:
    • B or higher in PSYC 101
    • B or higher in PSYC 122
    • B or higher in PSYC 160
  • If you earn a “B” or higher in PSYC 101, you do not need to take PSYC 122 or 160 for admission purposes.
  • With Departmental approval, grades from other institutions can fulfill this requirement. Earning a 4 on the AP Psychology exam meets this requirement.

Step 5: Become A Fully-Admitted Psychology Major

  • At the end of the current semester, we will review transcripts of all students enrolled or waitlisted in PSYC 210 or 212 for the next semester:
    • Students who have successfully completed these steps will be able to stay enrolled or waitlisted in PSYC 210 or 212 for the next semester. These students will become fully-admitted Psychology majors.
    • Students who have not completed these steps will be administratively dropped from their PSYC 210 or 212 class. They can repeat the necessary steps to become fully-admitted Psychology majors for a future semester.

If you have any questions about the admission criteria for the Psychology major, please email us at