James Madison University


Our mission is to transform students into outstanding practitioners and scholars of psychology. We work to create a community that celebrates diversity and creativity, and that values learning, scholarship, and service to others.


The Department of Graduate Psychology is:

  1. SUPPORTIVE - To create a supportive community we:
    • Celebrate the accomplishments of faculty, staff and students
    • Recognize achievements in both personal and professional life and promote balance
    • Seek and maintain fair workload, salary structure, merit awards, and resource distribution
    • Mentor junior faculty and students
    • Communicate openly, regularly, and in a timely manner
    • Plan regular social events for faculty, staff, and students

  1. PRODUCTIVE - To advance the science and profession of psychology we:
    • Support faculty and student research, innovation, application and dissemination of research findings
    • Practice evidence-based decision-making
    • Provide opportunities, financial support and time for professional development, intellectual growth, personal growth, and lifelong learning
    • Promote an intellectually stimulating community (offering colloquia, roundtables, discussion groups, outside speakers, and symposia)

  1. DIVERSE - To promote diversity of viewpoints and experiences we:
    • Seek diversity in faculty and student recruitment
    • Demonstrate openness and respect for different viewpoints
    • Recognize varied and unique ways faculty contribute in research, teaching, clinical practice, and service
    • Support faculty and student engagement in multi-disciplinary and interprofessional academic and professional activities
    • Offer international opportunities for faculty and students (study abroad, FMIR, international partnerships, international students, curriculum)
    • Promote cultural awareness and cultural competency through curriculum enhancement and professional development opportunities

  1. SERVICE-ORIENTED - To encourage professional participation in the life of our community we:
    • Offer service-learning opportunities to students
    • Share professional and scientific expertise with those outside the university
    • Engage in a wide range of activities to serve the community, the university, and the profession

  1. STUDENT-FOCUSED - To promote the personal, intellectual and professional growth  of our students we
    • Set high standards for teaching and learning Mentor and support students in their personal and professional development
    • Communicate our values through curriculum and other program and department activities Seek and respond to student feedback
    • Provide opportunities and financial support for student engagement in research, service and professional development.
    • Provide lifelong learning and continuing education opportunities for alumni and community members