Comphensive Exams


The Written Comprehensive Exam consists of three comprehensive and integrative questions in the context of the following three sections (i.e., one question per section):

  1. Intervention/Assessment;
  2. Research/Theory; and
  3. Professional Identity/Professional Psychology.

Students have two hours to complete each section of the exam (i.e., approximately two hours per question). The Written Comprehensive Exam is designed to assess knowledge and conceptual ability in a wide range of areas. In preparing for the exam, students are advised to develop complete responses that are well supported by appropriate written materials (e.g., books, chapters, and articles that have been assigned in courses). The Written Comprehensive Exam for the Combined-Integrated Doctoral Program is scheduled annually during the summer semester. Students complete the written comprehensive exam at the end of their second year.


The Clinical Comprehensive Exam is modeled after the format used in the American Board of Professional Psychologists examinations, and is completed at the end of the student’s course work. This exam covers both assessment and counseling skills, and typically involves two separate cases. Students must submit a written analysis, as well as a videotape of their counseling performance. They then must defend their performance on these cases orally before at least two Core Faculty Members.