James Madison University

Admission to Program

The Doctor of Philosophy Program in Assessment and Measurement provides high-quality, innovative training that features personalized attention of our faculty and use of the latest technology. Our program is designed to train assessment specialists to meet the increasingly visible accountability needs of both educational and social service agencies through expertise in appraising the effectiveness of programs in academic, healthcare, business and non-profit institutions.

Admissions Requirements

Admission to the Ph.D. program requires that applicants have completed an advanced degree (M.A./M.S.) in psychology, statistics, or a related field.

Undergraduate students who are interested in assessment should consider applying to the JMU's Psychological Sciences M.A. Program, which offers a concentration in quantitative methods (assessment, measurement, and statistics). Students who are accepted into the Ph.D. Program in Assessment and Measurement after completing the M.A. Program in Psychological Sciences will have already taken a number of courses required in the doctoral program. As a result, their doctoral program of study will be considerably shortened. However, completion of the M.A. in Psychological Sciences does not guarantee admission into the Ph.D. program in Assessment and Measurement.

To apply to the Ph.D. program, please follow the link below and attend to the instructions provided. Applications are due by January 10.

Students applying to the Assessment and Measurement PhD program should indicate that they will begin the program in summer semester. Applicants who are unable to begin during the summer semester should contact the program director to make alternate arrangements. However, such applicants should still indicate a summer starting date.

Application Process

All graduate applications are now completed online through the Graduate School. Begin the online application process. The application opens October 15 and the target date is January 15. All application materials must be received by January 15, in order to ensure review by the program.

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of an advanced degree (M.A./M.S. or Ed.S.) in psychology, education, statistics or related field
  • General GRE scores (verbal, quantitative, and analytic writing)
  • Transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate programs attended
  • Letters of recommendation and supplementary materials as described below

Supplementary Materials

During the online application process, you will be prompted to enter specific information and to upload several documents. Documents may be in pdf or MS Word format. These documents include:

  • Personal Statement
    In a separate document, describe your personal and professional goals for graduate study and describe how this program will help you meet these goals.
  • A current professional vita or resume
  • Representative work samples demonstrating current professional skills (e.g., research reports, validity studies)
  • Description of your program assessment and evaluation experience
    In a separate document, describe any relevant experiences you have had performing empirical research, particularly evaluation studies. For each study, include: where and when the study was performed, your level of independence on the project, your supervisor's name and position, and the impact of the study in terms of changes or modifications to an existing program.

Letters of Recommendation

You will also need to select three individuals who are knowledgeable of your academic performance and relevant volunteer or professional work to complete a recommendation for you. These recommendations will be completed electronically as part of the online application process. You will provide contact information for your references, and the Graduate School will send them information about the online recommendation form.

Begin the online application process