James Madison University

Spotlight on Lauren Whitehurst

Posted:  February 1, 2016

Lauren Whitehurst

Lauren Whitehurst is a “Double Duke,” graduating with a Bachelor’s degree (2011) and a Master’s degree (2013) in psychology.  She is currently a doctoral student at the University of California, Riverside.

What was your best experience as a psychology major at JMU?
Everything! I really enjoyed my time in the Psychology department, but I would have to say my senior seminar with Dr. Dyche was definitely the most rewarding; the class sent me on my current path toward obtaining my doctoral degree in experimental psychology.

What would you have done differently?
I would have tried to get involved in a research lab much earlier. Being in and around research and working closely with peers and faculty is a priceless experience and I wish I would have capitalized on the research opportunities JMU offered earlier.

What key experiences or courses helped you professionally?
Definitely Dr. Dyche's senior seminar on Chronobiology & Sleep. (So awesome! everyone should take it!!) Also, I had the opportunity to be a teaching assistant and graduate assistant for a couple of courses while at JMU and that was really great.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to yourself during your sophomore year?
Get involved in research! The best learning experiences I had while in college were while I was working in research labs.

Do you have any personal news or anything else that you'd like to share with us?
California has sunny skies, great weather...and NO WATER!!