James Madison University

Minors, Second Majors, and Pre-professional Programs

To graduate from JMU with a bachelor's degree, students must complete at least 120 credit hours of coursework including:

  1. General Education
  2. Degree requirements (BA or BS)
  3. Major requirements
  4. Other coursework (to bring the total to 120 credit hours)

Regarding number 4, other coursework, students may combine the Psychology Major with any JMU courses, any minor, or any pre-professional program to complete graduation requirements. Students can also complete a second major.

Note that only one major program is required to graduate. No minor program is required. Therefore, you may choose to only major in Psychology and complete your overall graduation requirements by taking a selection of courses from departments throughout the university based on your personal interests and goals.

Many students ask which other JMU courses, minors or pre-professional programs, would be good combinations with the Psychology Major. Each student needs to make her/his own decisions according to their personal interests and goals.

Note: Some programs or courses within programs have prerequisites that are not included in the total credit hours listed for the program. Check all course prerequisites. Some programs include Psychology courses as options. Courses that are options for the Psychology Major and a minor program can satisfy requirements for both the major and the minor. Courses within minor programs can also satisfy requirements for both the minor and the BA or BS degree.

The JMU Academic Advising website provides a list of all JMU majors, minors, and pre-professional programs.  Links to these academic program options in the JMU catalog are provided.  This is a great resource for students who want to learn about all of their options.  We highly recommend browsing this site.