James Madison University

Department of Psychology Labs

Animal Research Facility

This fully-equipped facility includes space for a wide range of research to be carried out using non-human animals.  Equipment and space is used for faculty and student research projects in animal behavior, learning, and physiological psychology. The lab includes operant testing equipment for rats and pigeons, as well as an elevated plus maze and radial arm maze for examining learning and other behaviors.

Auditory Perception Laboratory

This laboratory conducts research focused on understanding how people recognize common sound sources such as speech and music.   The equipment includes a single-walled sound attenuated chamber for quiet listening and recording as well as an array of filters, attenuators, and recording devices. 

Cognitive Development Lab

Faculty and students work together in this lab to conduct research on cognitive processes in infants and children.  The equipment includes a digital video recording system and a program for behavioral coding.  Some of the studies are conducted in the Visual Perception and Performance Lab using a Tobii eye-tracking system.

Health and Exercise Psychology Lab

These laboratories provide facilities for using exercise equipment (e.g., treadmill and weights) as well as ultraviolet photography equipment to examine health related research issues.  

Human Behavior Labs

Multiple labs throughout Miller Hall are available for a wide range of student and faculty projects, including research in cognition, human operant conditioning, addiction, circadian rhythms and sleep, cultural and racial studies, police selection, positive psychology, social psychology, and effective teaching and learning.  Many of these laboratories are equipped with experiment generating software that can record reaction time within 1/30th of a millisecond.

Psychophysiology & Biofeedback Lab

Research in this lab examines on psychological development, adaptation, well being and related biopsychological processes. The lab includes a 4-channel EEG, a 64-channel EEG, and Heartmath EmWave Desktop System to measure heart-rate variability and coherence.

Visual Perception and Performance Lab

This laboratory is equipped with a Tobii eye-tracking system used to investigate the role of eye movements in basic and applied visual processes, and a Canon R1 auto-refractor used to measure the eyes’ accommodative (focusing) processes.  The lab is currently investigating a variety of projects including map reading, visual attention and visual displays.