James Madison University

Recommended Courses for Future Graduate Students

Many JMU Psychology students plan to pursue advanced study at the graduate level after earning their bachelor's degrees. The courses listed below are recommended for those students who intend to apply to graduate school.

  1. Consider taking a few additional credit hours of Psychology courses at the 300- and 400- levels, beyond the courses that are required for graduation. Courses in the Social Science Core and Natural Science Core may be particularly relevant for graduate study.
  2. Participate in a individualized learning experience, such as:
    1. PSYC 202/203 - Project Assistance
    2. PSYC 402/403 - Independent Research in Psychology
    3. PSYC 495 - Field Placement in Psychology
    4. PSYC 499 - Honors Thesis
  3. Advanced statistics courses are highly recommended. Consider:
    1. MATH 321 - Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design
    2. MATH 322 - Applied Linear Regression
    3. MATH 323 - Exploratory Data Analysis
    4. MATH 324 - Applied Nonparametric Statistics
    5. MATH 325 - Survey of Sampling Methods
  4. A minor or a selection of courses from other departments that complements the Psychology Major for the professional field you are pursuing might be very helpful. Discuss your professional goals with your Faculty Advisor and ask for recommendations.
  5. Courses that emphasize writing skills.
  6. Courses that emphasize oral communication.