James Madison University

2017 Psychology Student Symposium

Poster Award Winners

Field Placement, Internship, Practicum:

School Mentoring and Guidance: An Overview of Experiences and Benefits
Elyssa Bonner
Advisor: Dr. Joann Grayson

Increasing Medication Compliance in a Psychiatric Hospital Setting
Margaret Gravely
Advisor: Dr. David Szwedo


Grit in College Students: Academic Behaviors and Substance Use
Paulius Satkus
Advisor: Dr. Monica Reis-Bergan

The Effect of Daytime Napping on IL-6 and Cortisol Secretion after a Night of Sleep Deprivation
Zachary Falk, Daroon Jalil, Matthew Cabrera, Zuby Okafor, Morgan Crewe, & Carolyn Riegel
Advisor: Dr. Jeff Dyche

Empathy, Social Dominance Orientation, and Climate Change Denial
Francis Marazzo, Lachelle De Groat, Sarah Howell, Kenna Dickard, Jessie Johnson, Sloan Hooks, Amber Harrison, & Erin Sullivan
Advisor: Dr. Tracy Zinn

PHOTO: Presentations

Psychology Student Symposium Oral Presentations

Prosecutorial Language, Moral Disengagement, and Sentencing Outcomes in Real Capital Murder Cases
Megan Parker
Advisor:  Dr. Kethera Fogler

The Impact of Addictiveness Rhetoric on Subsequent Food Preferences
Eryn Donovan and Alyssa Skelly
Advisor:  Dr. Jessica Irons

A Brief Abstinence Test for Caffeine Use
Ashley Rininger and Taylor Stanley
Advisor:  Dr. Jessica Irons

Am I Going to Die Today?  Maybe, but I’m Too Scared to Think About It:  Navigating Fear of Death and Terror Management Theory in Experimental Lab Settings
Brandee Browning, Nick Racine, Cyrus Rohani-Shukla, and Kezziah Wilgus
Advisor:  Dr. Lindsey Harvell-Bowman