James Madison University

2016 Psychology Student Symposium

The 2016 Psychology Student Symposium included two sessions for posters and a session for oral presentations.  For the first time, there was both a morning and an afternoon poster session to accommodate the large number of presenters.  In total, the event included over 90 posters and 3 oral presentations.

PHOTO: Symposium

Psychology Student Symposium Poster Award Winners 2016

Field Placement, Internship, Practicum:

Dean's Award:
Center for Marriage & Family Counseling: An LGBTQ+ Awareness and Education Program
Cassidy Gonzalez
Advisor: Dr. David Szwedo

Departmental Award:
Commonwealth Center for Children and Adolescents: Breaking Communication Barriers
Hunter Marie Hoobler
Advisor: Dr. David Szwedo

Honors Thesis:

Dean's Award:
A Comparison of Combined Versus Individual Cognitive Coping Strategies for Managing Pain
Grant Pointon & Halley Barton
Advisor: Dr. Michael Hall

Departmental Award:
Does Passion Predict Enjoyment and Performance in an Interteaching-Based Course?
Allison Piotrowski
Advisor: Dr. Bryan Saville

Undergraduate Research:

Dean's Award:
Studying The Effect Of Foreign Accent On Memory: Using A False Memory Paradigm
Anna K. Gangsaas, Cara S. McQuaid, Anthony R. Crossley, & Danielle M. Savastano
Advisor: Dr. Vivien Chan

Departmental Award:
Exploring the Characteristics of Change Blindness
Daniel Jackson
Advisor: Dr. Jeff Andre

Combined Undergraduate and Graduate Research:

Dean's Award:
Context Effects in Phantom Recollection in Older and Younger Adults
Casey Williamson, Amanda Feldman, & Natalie Hicks
Advisor: Dr. Kethera Fogler

Departmental Award:
Elucidating the Relationship Between ΔFosB, Alcohol Exposure, and Sleep Deprivation
Nancy Mack, Katie McCullar, John Wallace, Charles Cowan, Sancho Sequeria, & Kristian Ponder
Advisors: Drs. Jeff Dyche & Melanie Shoup Knox

Psychology Student Symposium Oral Presentations

Examination of Cue-Induced Nicotine Withdrawal Among Humans
Kathleen Ryan Owens
Advisor:  Dr. Jessica Irons

Assessing a Campus-Wind Intervention to Reduce Texting While Driving
Rachel Bily, Emily Oliver, Jessica Weathers, Nora Murphy, & Colette Gaeta
Advisor:  Dr. Natalie Kerr Lawrence

An Examination of the Independent and Simultaneous Effects of Alcolhol and Caffeine on Alcohol Choice
Alejandro Bannan, Mark Baucom, Meredith Kurtz, & Maria Camargo
Advisor:  Dr. Jessica Irons