James Madison University

Admission to the Major

Are you considering becoming a psychology major?  Start by learning about our program in psychology.  You might find our curriculum and student resources pages particularly useful.  The following is a general guideline of how to become a Psychology Major at James Madison University.  (Incoming transfer students will find our transfer student page useful.)

Note: Once a student is fully-admitted to the Psychology major, the student must complete a two-semester methodology core focusing on psychological statistics and research methods.  This methodology core must be completed before students can complete most other sectors of the Psychology major. 

  1. Declare the Psychology Major.
  2. Apply to become a “Fully-Admitted Psychology Major. Students are encouraged to apply for full admission to the major when they make the decision to pursue a psychology major.
  3. After the semester ends, students will be admitted to the major if they meet the admission requirements described below. Students who have not yet met the admission requirements at that time will be allowed to roll their application to the next review period.

Admission Requirements

  1. Complete the two prerequisite courses with a grade of C- or higher:
    1. PSYC 101 – General Psychology
    2. MATH 220 – Math Statistics (or another acceptable math course)
  2. Apply to become a “Fully-Admitted” Psychology Major.
  3. Satisfy any ONE of the following conditions:
    1. Earn a grade of “B” or better in PSYC 101 completed at JMU.
    2. Complete any General Education PSYC courses at JMU (PSYC 101, 122, or 160) and earn an average GPA in these courses of 3.0 or better.
    3. Complete at least 15 credits at JMU and earn an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.
    4. At the time of admission to JMU, be a student who is transferring at least 30 credits including the prerequisite courses (JMU equivalents for General Psychology and 200-level Math) or General Psychology and either Psychological Statistics or Research Methods in Psychology.

*In the case of repeated classes, the average is made using the highest attempted grade in each course.
If you have any questions about the admission criteria for the Psychology major, please email ugpsyc@jmu.edu