James Madison University

Children's Services of Virginia, INC.

  • Address: P.O. Box 1069 Harrisonburg, VA 22803
  • 250 E. Elizabeth Street The Metro, Suite 105 Harrisonburg, VA 22802
  • Contact Person: Faye Lohr Ritchie
  • Telephone: 540-801-0900
  • Fax: 540-801-0886
  • E-Mail: fritchie@csv-inc.com
  • Website: www.csv-inc.com

Placement Description

The intern shall be assigned to a case manager and his/her work must be supervised by a supervisory level staff member. There shall be a two-day orientation session to the program. The intern may be assigned up to four cases.

The intern must develop an understanding of the operating manuals of this agency and that of the state. He/she must be exposed to the work with children, families, outside agencies, as well as the operation of this program.

Intern or Field Placement Responsibilities/Opportunities

  • Assist and coordinate the work with foster parents in their work with foster children and the birth families of children, delivering on-going direct services to foster parents.
  • Provide direct services to foster children and their birth families
  • Participate in pre-service and continuing education for foster parents. The student may be required to present training at these training sessions.
  • Assist on an as-needed basis in recruiting new foster families.
  • Complete all assigned paper work on time.
  • Assist in preparing clients and families for placement and for discharge.
  • Participate as needed in the intake placement process.
  • Maintain on-going case management responsibilities.
  • Complete all other tasks as assigned by the supervisor/director.

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