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Dr. Gilligan Recent Publications:

Kielty, M., Gilligan, T.D., & Staton, A.R., (2017), Whole-School Approaches Incorporating Mindfulness-Based Interventions: Supporting the Capacity for Optimal Functioning in School Settings. Childhood Education, V 93.

Kielty, M. L., Gilligan, T. D., & Staton, A. R. (2017). Cultivating spiritual strength of children and adolescents through contemplative practices in K-12 school settings. Journal of Child and Adolescent Counseling.

Kielty, M. L., Gilligan, T. D., Staton, A. R., Curtis, N. (2017). Cultivating mindfulness with third grade students via classroom-based interventions. Contemporary School Psychology.

Staton, R., DeNoble, M., & Gilligan, T.D. (2015) School mental health professionals and GLBTQ youth: Professional experiences and best practices. Virginia Counselors’ Journal.

Dr. Gilligan Recent Presentations:

Gilligan, T.D. & Kielty, M. (March, 2018). Teacher Perceptions of Mindfulness Curriculum and its Effects on Professional Stress. Presentation at the Contemplative Practices for the 21st Century in Higher Education Annual Conference, University of NC, Chapel Hill.

Kielty, M. & Gilligan, T.D. (April, 2018). Strengthening Teachers from the Inside Out. Invited Key Note Address at the Celebrating Teachers’ Conference, Sponsored by James Madison University, Blue Ridge Community College, VA.

Gilligan, T.D. & Coalter, E. (February, 2018). Kindness: Children’s Understanding of the Prosocial Behavior. Poster presented at the National Association of School Psychologists Annual Convention, Chicago, IL.

Kipps-Vaughan, D., Gilligan, T.D., Hornsby, T., & Trice, A. (February, 2018). Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention: An integrated Training Model. Poster presented at the Trainers of School Psychology Conference. Chicago, IL.

Simmers, M., Gilligan, T.D., & Bronaugh, D.A. (April, 2017). Addressing the Needs of Students with Emotional Disabilities: Current Practices. Poster presented at the Virginia Council for Learning Disabilities Annual Conference, Harrisonburg, VA.

Curtis, N. & Gilligan, T.D. (February, 2017). Cultural Competency in School Psychology: How to Demonstrate Effective Curricula. Paper presented at the National Association of School Psychologist Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas.

Kielty, M. & Gilligan, T.D. (April, 2017). Mindfulness and Wellness for the Healing Practitioner. Invited workshop. Mary Baldwin University, Physician Assistant Program.

Gilligan, T.D. and Kielty, M. (January, 2017) Keep Breathing! Supporting Your Family Strength. Invited presenters at Hugh K. Cassell Elementary School Family Night, Augusta County, Virginia.

Kielty, M. L., Gilligan, T. D., Staton, A. R., & Smith, T. C. (2017, August). Mindful leadership training for Harrisonburg High School leadership team, Harrisonburg, VA.

Dr. Kipps-Vaughan Recent Publications:

Kipps-Vaughan, D., Jones, N., & Henderson, L. (2016). What about the economic and environmental influences on learning problems? School Psychology in Virginia.

Krogmann, R., Ferrara, S., & Kipps-Vaughan, D. (2017). How Can Nature and Music Improve Symptoms of ADHD?  School Psychology in Virginia, Summer 2017.

Dr. Kipps-Vaughan Recent Presentations

Kipps-Vaughan, D. (2016). Counseling Interventions: Adding to Your Bag of Techniques. Workshop at Virginia Academy of School Psychologists Fall Conference, Sept. 30, 2016.

Kipps-Vaughan, D. (2016). Congruence in Consultation presentations for Center for Faculty Innovations at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA. September 14, and 16, 2016.

Kipps-Vaughan, D. (2016). Consultation for Transition Services for Students with Disabilities, Madison County Public Schools, September, 2016.

Kipps-Vaughan, D., Fuller, M. (2016). Suicidal Behavior: Improving Prevention Practices at the Elementary Level. Poster presented at National Association of School Psychologists Convention in New Orleans, LA.

Berka, S., Kipps-Vaughan, D. (2016). How to Encourage Teacher Participation in Stress Management Programs. Poster presented at National Association of School Psychologists Convention in New Orleans, LA.

Strunk, J., Kipps-Vaughan, D., Gilligan, T. (2015). Beginning Inter-professional Education: How A One-Day Seminar Can Introduce IPE to Graduate and Undergraduate Students. Presentation at Collaborating Across Borders V Conference in Roanoke, VA.

Dr. Trice Recent Publications:

Greer, H. W., & Trice, A. D. (2017). Connecting the introductory course with the lives of peers with disability. In W. S. Altman, L. Stein, L., & W. Westfall (Eds.), Essays from E-xcellence in Teaching, Vol. 16. (pp. 39-44). Washington DC: American Psychological Association.

Trice, A. D., & Greer, H. W. (2017). Theories of career development in childhood and early adolescence. In M. Watson and M. McMahon (Eds.), Career exploration and development in childhood. London: Routledge.

Warburton, D. S., Powell, S. L., & Trice, A. D. (2016). Fonts and screens: Quick fixes for students with SLD? School Psychology in Virginia, 8, 5-6.

Kipps-Vaughan, D., & Trice A. (2013) High anxiety: How teachers can help ease their students’ fear when taking tests. Virginia Journal of Education, 107, 8-12.

Curtis, N. A., & Trice, A. D. (2013) A revision of the Academic Locus of Control Scale for College Students. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 116, 817-829.   

Dr. Trice Recent Presentations:

Trice, A. D., & Curtis, N. A.   Aspirations of students with disabilities in an uncertain world. International School Psychology Association: Manchester, England, July 2017.

Trice, A. D. When avocation matters: Avid golfers and life choices. Sports and Society Association: London, England, July, 2017.

Powell, S., Warburton, D., & Trice, A. (2017). Font fails to improve reading on assessment tasks. National Association of School Psychologists. San Antonio, TX, February, 2017.

Greer, H. W., Kitley, D. G., & Trice, A. D. Attitudes towards peers with disabilities. Eastern Conference on the Teaching of Psychology, Staunton, VA, June, 2016.

Trice, A. D., Brewster, J., & Stoloff.  The utility of WAIS subscales in selecting police. Society for Police and Criminal Psychology, Las Vegas, NV, October, 2015.