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Psychological Sciences Program
Department of Graduate Psychology
70 Alumnae Dr., MSC 7401
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Program Director:
Jeff Dyche
Office: Miller Hall, Room G089
Phone: 540-568-4965
Email: dychejs@jmu.edu

Staff Phone E-mail Room
Guerin, Carl A.
Administrative Assistant
540-568-6439 guerinca@jmu.edu Johnston 101
Henriques, Andee
Administrative Assistant
540-568-5352 henriqas@jmu.edu Johnston 112
Turner, Rosa
Administrative Assistant
540-568-2556 turnerrm@jmu.edu Johnston 101

Over 20 faculty from both the Department of Psychology and Department of Graduate Psychology contribute to the Psychological Sciences program. The program operates on a mentorship philosophy, where students enter the program based on the fit with a particular faculty member who serves as the student's research advisor. Below is a list of faculty members accepting students in Fall 2017. Additional faculty and associate faculty who teach courses, serve on committees, and work with students in the program in a variety of capacities also are listed.

Faculty Accepting Students in Fall 2017:
Allison J. Ames- (Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro).
Office: Lakeview 1114
Phone: (540) 568-3483
Email: ames2aj@jmu.edu
Concentration: Quantitative
Bayesian Item Response Theory modeling,
Model-data fit for Item Response Theory Models, Prior sensitivity
Bandalos, Deborah- (Ph.D., University of Maryland).
Office: Lakeview 1126
Phone: (540) 568-7132
Email: bandaldl@jmu.edu
Concentration: Quantitative
Assessment, Measurement, and Statistics
Barron, Kenn - (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison).
Office: Miller Hall, 1161
Phone: 540-568-4065
Email: barronke@jmu.edu

Concentration: Quantitative, Applied Research
Motivation, goal setting, well being, program evaluation, research methodology and statistics
Fogler, Kethera - (Ph.D., Saint Louis University).
Office: Miller Hall 1175 
Phone: 540-568-2931
Email: foglerka@jmu.edu
Concentration: Experimental
Memory, false memory, language comprehension, cognitive aging, sleep
Dyche, Jeff - (Ph.D., Saint Louis University).
Office: Miller Hall, G089
Phone: 540-568-4965
Email: dychejs@jmu.edu

Concentration: Experimental
Sleep, chronobiology, behavioral pharmacology, rodent models
Finney, Sara - (Ph.D., University of Nebraska - Lincoln).
Office: Lakeview 1128
Phone: 540-568-6757
Email: finneysj@jmu.edu

Concentration: Quantitative
Practical issues in structural equation modeling, instrument development, validity, and statistics education

Hall,Michael - (Ph.D., State University of New York at Binghamton)
Office: Miller Hall 1115
Phone: 540-568-7877
Email: hallmd@jmu.edu

Concentration: Experimental
Auditory Perception Laboratory website, Auditory perception and cognition, Speech perception, Music perception

Harmison, Robert - (Ph.D., University of North Texas).
Office: Johnston Hall 115
Phone: 540-568-7959
Email: harmisrj@jmu.edu
Concentration: Applied Research
Applied sport psychology; athletic counseling; group dynamics in sport; mental toughness in sport; peak performance; performance psychology
Hathcoat, John -
(Ph.D., Oklahoma State University).
Office: Lakeview 1120
Phone: 540-568-2516
Email: hathcojd@jmu.edu
Concentration: Quantitative
Validity theory, applications of generalizability theory, general education assessment and institutional effectiveness, philosophy of science (measurement and validity, psychology of religion
Holt, Daniel - (Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis).
Office: Miller Hall, 1145
Phone: 540-568-5051
Email: holtdd@jmu.edu
Concentration: Behavior Analysis, Experimental
Learning, choice behavior (e.g. behavioral economics), discounting (the decrease in a reward’s subjective value as the delay to or odds against its receipt increase) in both humans and non-human animals
Irons, Jessica - (Ph.D., Auburn University).
Office: Miller Hall 1177
Phone: 540-568-6565 
Email: ironsjg@jmu.edu

Concentration: Behavior Analysis, Experimental
Behavior Analysis; behavioral pharmacology, psychological mechanisms of addiction and behavioral interventions for substance abuse; scholarship of teaching and learning
Marcopulos, Bernice (Ph.D., University of Victoria).
Office: Johnston Hall 215
Phone: 540-568-5002
Email: marcopba@jmu.edu
Concentration: Applied Research
Clinical Neuropsychology, forensic neuropsychology, schizophrenia
Pastor, Dena - (Ph.D., University of Texas - Austin).
Office: Lakeview 1118
Phone: 540-568-1670
Email: pastorda@jmu.edu
Concentration: Quantitative The application of hierarchical and latent variable modeling to study measurement issues as well as college student learning and development
Saville, Bryan - (Ph.D., Auburn University).
Office: Miller Hall 1143
Phone: 540-568-2277
Email: savillbk@jmu.edu
Concentration: Behavior Analysis, Experimental
Psychology of passion (specifically, passion for activities), interteaching and other behavioral teaching methods
Shoup-Knox, Melanie - (Ph.D., SUNY - University at Albany)
Office: Miller Hall 1145
Phone: 540-568-6846
Concentration: Experimental
Central nervous system thermoregulation, Yawning, Evolved mate choice mechanisms 
Stokes, Trevor - (Ph.D., University of Kansas).
Office: Johnston Hall 119
Phone: 540-568-5067
Email: stokestf@jmu.edu

Concentration:Behavior Analysis
Applied Behavior Analysis, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Parent Child Interaction Therapy and Teacher Child Interaction Training
Stoloff, Michael - (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University)
Office: ISAT/CS 372
Phone: 540-568-6396
Email: stolofml@jmu.edu

Concentration: Experimental Student engagement and college success, college experiences that promote growth and development, academic program assessment
Zinn, Tracy - (Ph.D., Auburn University). 
Office: Miller Hall 1167
Phone: 540-568-6309
Email: zinnte@jmu.edu
Concentration: Behavior Analysis
Behavior analysis in industry and education, industrial/organizational psychology, student/faculty interactions, and maternal health issues 
Faculty NOT accepting students in Fall 2017:
Anderson, Robin - (Psy.D., James Madison University).
Office: Johnston 102
Phone: 540-568-3293
Email: ander2rd@jmu.edu

Concentration: Quantitative
Validation of assessment and program evaluation procedures, engineering assessment, teacher education
Andre, Jeffrey - (Ph.D., Penn State University).
Office: Cleveland Hall 214
Phone: 540-568-1468
Email: andrejt@jmu.edu

Concentration: Experimental
Visual perception and performance: guidance and wayfinding; cartograpy, eye movements; vision and computers; cross-modal research
Apple, Kevin - (Ph.D., Ohio University).
Office: Miller Hall, 1123
Phone: 540-568-3696
Email: applekj@jmu.edu

Concentration: Experimental
Intergroup relations, human perception, attribution theory
Brewster, JoAnne - (Ph.D., McMaster University).
Office: Miller Hall, 1151
Phone: 540-568-6107
Email: brewstja@jmu.edu

Concentration: Applied Research
Police and forensic psychology
Fulcher, Keston - (Ph.D., James Madison University).
Office: Lakeview 1108
Phone: 540-568-3292
Email: fulchekh@jmu.edu
Concentration: Quantitative
Meta-Assessment, validity in higher education assessment, measuring cognitive and developmental changes in college students
Henriques, Gregg - (Ph.D., University of Vermont).
Office: Johnston Hall 216
Phone: 540-568-7857
Email: henriqgx@jmu.edu

Concentration: Applied Research
Theoretical unification of psychology and well-being
Horst, S. Jeanne – (Ph.D., James Madison University).
Office: Lakeview 1122
Phone: 540-568-7103
Email: horstsj@jmu.edu
Concentration: Quantitative
Assessment in higher education, student motivation, validity, instrument development, measurement, statistics
Jakobsen, Krisztina - (Ph.D., University of Georgia).
Office: Miller Hall, 1159
Phone: 540-568-4301 
Email: jakobskv@jmu.edu
Concentration: Experimental
Cognitive development, visual attention, face perception 
Kurtz, Jaime - (Ph.D., University of Virginia).
Office: Miller Hall, Room 1169
Phone: 540-568-4966
Email: kurtzjl@jmu.edu

Concentration:  Applied Research, Experimental
Positive psychology; happiness; savoring; self-knowledge; decision making; eating behaviors; weight management
Lee, Matthew - (Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).
Office: Miller Hall 1155
Phone: 540-568-8555
Email: leemr@jmu.edu
Concentration: Experimental
Ethnic minority empowerment, effects of diversity coursework, racial prototypicality, intergroup relations on college campuses
West, Rich - (Ph.D., University of Michigan)
Office: Johnston Hall 225 
Phone: 540-568-6502
Email: westrf@jmu.edu
Concentration: Experimental
Judgment, decision making, and critical thinking; why even bright people are susceptible to cognitive illusions and biases

Dean of The Graduate School (TGS):

Dr. Jie Chen
Email: chen9jx@jmu.edu
Office: Grace Street House
Phone: (540) 568-4213