James Madison University

Fourth Annual Leadership Academy, December 4, 2009

PHOTO: Leadership Academy ParticipantsThe Department of Graduate Psychology, the Institute of Innovations in Health and Human Service and the College of Integrated Science and Technology offered the fourth annual Leadership Academy for professionals in leadership positions in health, mental health, K-12 and higher educational settings. This year, speakers included Dr. Rhonda Zingraff, Director of the Institute for Innovations in Health and Human Services and Dr. Shagufa Kapadia, Department Head, University in Baroda, India.  Both speakers posed important cultural questions to consider and confront as they shared and modeled their personal leadership values. Kate Trammel and her students creatively led participants in movement activities to build community. PHOTO: Leadership Academy ParticipantsDr. Michael Gillette of the Bioethics Institute challenged the audience to reason through ethical dilemmas using the causitry model. Doctoral students also participated in the workshop, which focused on "Weaving the Threads of Age, Gender, and Culture" as they prepare to become future leaders in our diverse world.