James Madison University

Department Honors Ed McKee

On Monday, September 26, our learning community, including students, faculty, staff and alumni, honored Ed McKee by unveiling his framed portrait in the lobby of Johnston Hall.  The event honored Ed’s long tenure as a faculty member in the Counseling Program at JMU and his status as an emeritus faculty who continues to shape the lives of the students he encounters.

Ed McKee received his B.S. and M.S. from Emporia State University.  He then completed his doctorate in Counselor Education at Indiana University.  He went on to dedicate his entire professional career to James Madison University.  Ed, who has received teaching awards at the university, state and national levels, has been involved in historic developments that have affected the counseling field. He also gave countless presentations at professional conferences, published in the leading journals, and wrote books praised for being pragmatic and reader-friendly.

The designer of the Miller Hall Counseling Laboratory, Ed is a gifted teacher with an amazing and wondrous knack of helping students to “get it.”  He is ingenious in designing experiential learning activities to demonstrate abstract ideas.  Wizard-like, he invites students to participate in the mysterious process of self-discovery, personal growth and skill development. Ed quietly, respectfully, and deftly challenges students to achieve their potential. He uses gentle and self-deprecating humor in a disarming way to create a harmonious, stimulating, and even playful classroom atmosphere.    

Ed has been a consummate teacher, an inquisitive scholar, and a steadfast advocate of counseling.  He also is a master counselor in his own right who teaches by example. A beloved colleague, mentor, and educator, Ed McKee has inspired thousands to become better counselors and persons.