James Madison University

Workshop Descriptions

Writing to Heal: The Power of Personal Writing

In this six-hour training, participants will learn how stories and storytelling impact the brain, the elements of storytelling, best practices for using writing and adjunct bibliotherapy with clients and writing groups, and how to tease apart stories in non-threatening ways that allow writers to delve deeply into their experiences without getting stuck. The format for this session will include lively discussions, experiential activities, meditation, and opportunities to write and share as part of a vibrant group of learners. Participants will leave this workshop with a list of recommended readings and a series of effective writing prompts. More details

Title IX and Sexual Assault Prevention: A Workshop for Educators

This session will provide a brief overview of the federal and state laws designed to protect students in K-12 and higher education settings from gender and sex-based discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual assault. In particular, participants will learn about the programs and resources that colleges and universities have to provide resources and support to individuals who have experienced harm, and options for addressing harm through school-based conduct processes. Particular attention will be given to discussion of programs offered around the country that show great promise for preventing gender-based harm. Participants will have an opportunity to participate in discussion and simulations of prevention programs that can be adapted to other settings.
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Restorative Justice in Education

In this session participants will explore the rationale, principles, and practices of Restorative Justice in Education. Participants will learn about and engage in proactive and responsive restorative practices that can be utilized by school counselors. The session will include discussion and modeling of practices such as responding to conflict, circle processes and restorative mediation. This session will include both authentic experiences and role-plays.
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Clinical Hypnosis for Anxiety

This workshop is an introduction to the use of relaxation and hypnotic techniques in clinical settings. Interventions related to deep focus and relaxation can be beneficial for counselors working with clients regarding anxiety, distraction, and related-concerns. This session will provide an overview and foundation for counselors who have not had formal training in clinical hypnosis.
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Creative Interventions with Children and Adolescents

Expressive art therapy is a tool that encourages creativity and self-expression as a way to express and overcome personal obstacles. While many other forms of therapy rely on verbal language, expressive art offers another form of communication between the client and the counselor. In this one-day workshop we will gather as a group of helping professionals to reunite with our own creativity and practice new ways to work with our clients.
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