James Madison University


Cross Cultural Research.

Several faculty members (esp. Savina, Shealy, Stewart) focus on cross cultural research emphasizing the following areas: variations in perception of children’s internalizing and externalizing problems by parents, teachers, and mental health professionals; differences in parental goals and practices; social influence and self-esteem; and the cross cultural definitions of terms like mind, self, soul and behavior.

Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology.

Several faculty are interested in the theoretical, philosophical and conceptual foundations of psychology and psychotherapy, and have published multiple articles on this topic. Dissertations have been completed on integrative approaches to psychotherapy, psychological well-being and intimate partner violence. There have also been analyses of integrated training in psychopathology and interventions.

Attachment Theory and Parent Child Interactions.

Several faculty have research in parent child interactions and attachment theory and play based interventions.

Beliefs and Values/Justification Systems.

Several faculty have done extensive scholarly research in beliefs and values, and justification systems and the nature of the relationship between beliefs and actions.


Faculty have been exploring new ways to assess well-being and to integrate well-being assessment into clinical practice. Faculty and students regularly present at professional conferences, such as the American Psychological Association, the Eastern Psychological Association, the Association for Play Therapy, the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration.