James Madison University
PHOTO: Phoebe Wan

Phoebe Wan

  • Years Attended: 2009-2013
  • Advisor: Elena Savina

Areas of Interest

Emotion regulation among children in both Hong Kong Chinese and European American children


After internship and postdoctoral training, I have been working as a licensed psychologist at the Student Health Center of the University of Missouri-Columbia for almost 3 years. I work in an integrated behavioral health setting, collaborating with primary care professionals and psychiatrists. Not only do I provide traditional individual and group counseling services to students, I also serve as a behavioral consultant at Student Health. This area was introduced to me during my didactic and practicum training. I was fortunate that I had this experience in my training as it was also an emphasis during my internship.

Program Reflections

The C-I program helped me to develop my own voice as a psychologist and allowed me to integrate different research and theories into clinical practice. One of the most valuable things that I learned from the program is the importance of establishing therapeutic relationships. While treatment/intervention might change over time, depending on people and pathology, the value of therapeutic relationship stays constant.

During my training at JMU, I had ample opportunities to work with the international office and international students. Another member of my cohort and I also completed a need assessment for OIP which was a very rewarding experience. In my current position, I continue to work very closely with international students and the international center. I organize an international student support group, provide outreach services and support them through individual counseling.

Last but not least, having a supportive faculty team and cohort during and after graduation has helped me to thrive personally and professionally.  I feel "securely attached," encouraged and supported throughout my training. The faculty team is very culturally sensitive and they serve as good models for me.