James Madison University
PHOTO: Jason Stout

Jason Stout

  • Years Attended: 2007-2010
  • Advisor: Gregg Henriques

Areas of Interest

Psychotherapy integration; the characteristics of a unified clinical science modality; and an examination of three prominent integrative psychotherapeutic modalities through the lens of a unified clinical science framework.


I have been employed as a senior psychologist at Western State Hospital – a Virginia state psychiatric hospital for adults – since shortly after my graduation in 2010.  I am the behavioral and forensic expert on a multidisciplinary treatment team serving 28 adults with severe and persistent behavioral health issues.  In my role, I provide individual and group psychotherapy, psychological assessment, clinical supervision to employees and undergraduate/graduate psychology students, forensic risk assessment and testimony, and consultation with executive leadership about system issues.  Prior to entering the C-I program, I felt that my ideal career fit would be with an inpatient psychiatric population, and my pre-doctoral experiences only confirmed that belief.  I am honored to serve all Virginians who may be in need of the intense, comprehensive health services that our hospital provides, and believe that my training experiences through the C-I program have equipped me well to serve my patients with holistic, integrative, and comprehensive treatment.

Program Reflections

I believe one of the most salient features of the C-I program is its integrative mindset.  Having supervised 10 doctoral students from varying APA-accredited programs, I can honestly say that JMU C-I students are by far the most well-prepared to manage the complex challenges found in a state psychiatric hospital.  Our students operate at a different level of assessment, conceptualization, and treatment delivery than their peers at other doctoral-level clinical psychology programs.  The enhanced focus on self-awareness is also of major benefit. 

On a personal note, I am honored to be married to fellow 2010 alum Jenna Holt, Psy.D.  We have two lovely children and reside near Harrisonburg.  We both enjoy our continued connections to the C-I program and helping new generations of C-I students prepare for their careers in clinical and school psychology.