James Madison University
PHOTO: Chase Levesque

Chase Levesque

  • Years Attended: 2004-2008
  • Advisor: Gregg Henriques

Areas of Interest

I studied the Unified Theory with Dr. Henriques and wrote my dissertation on outcomes assessment. I also participated in the Leadership and Organizational Behavior concentration led by Dr. Cobb.


Presently, I have an academic appointment through the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth Medical School and I work in the Primary Care service line at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. I have been working as a behavioral health provider in primary care since my internship year, 10 years ago. In this capacity, I see patients individually, provide consultation to providers, join medical visits when needed, and provide care to whole patient populations. Part of why I find this work incredibly rewarding is because it allows me to make an impact at the level of the individual and the system. I also believe removing the dualism that has existed for some time in medicine, allows for a more continuous, whole person, patient experience that better serves the needs of the patient.

Program Reflections

I cannot say enough good things about the training I received at JMU. The small size of the cohort (mine was 5) allowed for attention that I believe was critical to my transformation into a clinical psychologist. The training experience was both experiential and content driven. I think there are many programs where content can be learned, but I will never forget telling one of my peers enrolled in a different doctoral program about a learning experience with one of my supervisors that shook me to my core; it caused me to reflect on myself in new ways that were both threatening and essential. I remember my friend saying something along the lines of "Dude! What kind of program are you in? I'm not getting any of that here."

I am incredibly grateful to my faculty and the level of engagement they brought to every interaction with me during my time there.