James Madison University
PHOTO: Christina Connolly

Christina Connolly

  • Years Attended: 2002-2005
  • Advisor: Harriet Cobb


I am the Director for Psychological Services with the Montgomery County Public Schools in Rockville, MD.  I was the Director for Crisis Intervention and Safety for the Waukegan Public Schools and was responsible for managing the four phases of emergency management and safety/security for her school district.  In this capacity I  supervised the suicide and bullying prevention programs, the district mental health response team, physical restraints, isolated timeouts, district and school crisis plan development, incident action planning for large scale school events, staff training, and consultation with school buildings and community agencies.  Additionally, I oversaw the district's bullying committee and oversaw the district's efforts to develop policies, procedures, and curriculum used to combat bullying in the schools. I have authored and co-authored several articles and a book on the PREPaRE school crisis prevention and intervention curriculum. I am the co-chairperson of the National School Safety & Crisis Response Committee and coauthor of the PREPaRE Workshop 1: Crisis Prevention and Preparedness. She is also the co-author of School Crisis Prevention and Intervention: The PREPaRE Model (2016).

Program Reflections

My graduate training from both the C-I and School Psychology departments allowed me to easily transition into an internship where I could complete the requirements with little to no supervision.  The internship supervisors were surprised with the breadth of experiences that I received at JMU.  From counseling, assessment, neuropsychology, etc., I was able to complete any task that was given to me.  When I became a school psychologist, I quickly transitioned again to becoming a school administrator.  JMU encouraged me to strengthen my leadership abilities to support students and staff members in schools.  The diversity in practicum experiences between both programs has helped me to be the psychologist that I am today.