James Madison University

Outreach and Service

Program students and faculty are involved in a number of different outreach and service projects, including but not limited to:

Counseling and Psychological Services.

Both students and faculty offer interventions at reduced rates at this community mental health clinic run by the University. Services include individual, couples and group psychotherapy, play therapy and assessment. Students and faculty also offer comprehensive psychological assessments for JMU students through the Interprofessional Services and Learning Assessment.

International Collaboration.

Our faculty have developed a number of different collaborative relationships with international colleagues and institutes. Prof. Shealy directs the International Beliefs and Values (http://www.ibavi.org/index.html), the mission of which is to examine, describe, and explain the linkages between the implicit or explicit beliefs and values of individuals, groups, organizations, governments, and societies around the world and those actions, policies, or practices that are demonstrably grounded in or legitimized by these specific beliefs and values. Prof. Savina collaborates on numerous development and research projects with Orel University in Russia. Prof. Stewart has worked on humanitarian demining projects in Bosnia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Mozambique. She also went to Sri Lanka to deliver consultation and play-based interventions with children, caregivers, and teachers affected by the tsunami. The program has brought in scholars from Israel, India and Costa Rica to offer consultation, services, and scholarly presentations.

Play Therapy.

Dr. Anne Stewart is founder and president of the Virginia Association for Play Therapy, serves on the editorial board of the Family Journal and International Journal of Play Therapy, and is the former director of the JMU Child Development Center and Human Development Center.