James Madison University

Phoebe Wan's Trip to UC Berkley

Thanks to the Society for Research on Child Development-Jacobs Foundation Travel Awards to Further the Research Careers of Junior Investigators, PhoebeWan, from JMU’s CI program, was granted a generous amount to travel all the way to UC. Berkeley to visit the Culture and Family Lab in September 2010. The principle investigator of the lab is Dr. Qing Zhou, a professor, who studies the socio-emotional and academic development of Chinese and Chinese Americans.  This is a particular area of interest for her, and one she hopes to learn more about.  The warm welcoming from Dr. Zhou and her colleagues made my trip especially rewarding. Not only did she attend their orientation session for research assistants, she was invited to lab meetings and individual meetings with the graduate students from both the Clinical Science program and Developmental Psychology program.  Phoebe described listening to their presentations of what they have been looking at as an "eye-opening experience!"  Phoebe found the findings to be very interesting in regards to the population.  "I must say they have some very interesting findings in the population.  We discussed a lot about their conceptualization of self regulation, the way they study culture, and how they study these constructs, which are extremely beneficial to my research work with Dr. Elena Savina and my dissertation".  The opportunity to travel and visit other well established lab has widened Phoebe's perspectives in evaluating her own research and developing insights.  She added that "the great weather at the bay area and the good Asian food around definitely added bonus to this trip!"