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Henriques calls for men to take a pledge

On the heels of the many stories in the recent headlines pertaining to sexual misconduct, Dr. Gregg Henriques responded to a call from Roxane Gay for men to stand up and say enough is enough. In response, Dr. Henriques posted a call for men to take a pledge on his Psychology Today Blog (https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/theory-knowledge/201710/call-men-take-pledge) that asked me to solemnly swear to fundamentally respect others and not manipulate or injure them for one’s own pleasure. Radio talk show host Ethan Bearman appreciated the pledge and had Dr. Henriques on the air the afternoon of October 24, 2017. You can find the brief clip at: http://www.kgoradio.com/ethan-bearman/, scrolling down to the date and the title: “A call for men to take a pledge”.