James Madison University

IBAVI Presents Award

PHOTO: Award being presented

Dr. Craig Shealy, Professor of Graduate Psychology and Executive Director of the International Beliefs and Values Institute or IBAVI, and members of the IBAVI Executive Board, presented Agnes Kamara-Umunna, journalist, radio producer/presenter, and community activist, with the Sustainable Vision and Values award.  Each year, the IBAVI recognizes a distinguished individual who exemplifies the transformative aspirations that are at the heart of the IBAVI’s mission, rationale, and goals. Through their lives and work across one or more of the IBAVI’s five areas of emphasis – conflict resolution, human rights, sustainability, global education, and religious and cultural understanding – these extraordinary individuals embody “Sustainable Visions and Values.”  Ms. Umunna was recognized for her work on reconciliation and promotion of psychosocial and trauma healing, as well as advocacy against war crimes, abuses, and atrocities after conflicts in Liberia (see http://straightfromtheheartgroup.com/?p=173).