James Madison University

JMU Faculty Member Releases Book

Dr. Gregg Henriques’ just-released his book, A New Unified Theory of Psychology (Springer, 2011; see http://www.unifiedtheoryofpsychology.com), which offers a comprehensive vision of the field that cuts across the many disparate domains, while also examining and clarifying psychology’s relationship to the three great branches of learning, the natural sciences, the social sciences and the humanities. It is filled with incisive analyses of the philosophical problems that have plagued the field since its inception, including the divide between the mentalists and the behaviorists, the tensions between modern and postmodern epistemologies, and the relationship between the science and the profession, and offers up a bold new vision for how move forward. The early reviews have been outstanding, calling the book “bold”; “a thought provoking synthesis”; “concise, erudite, and practical”; and “one of the most cogent, scholarly, sophisticated, clearly articulated, and accessibly written presentations of a unified theory” ever offered.