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PHOTO: Jessica Anderton

Jessica Anderton

Years Attended: 2001-2005
Advisor: Harriet Cobb

The JMU C-I program was incredibly thorough preparation for my career. I exited with a wide range of knowledge and skills that I have been able to continue to build upon. Read more about Jessica >>

PHOTO: Lindsay Anmuth

Lindsay Anmuth

Years Attended: 2012-2016
Advisor: Gregg Henriques

Since graduating from JMU in 2016, I have become a licensed clinical psychologist. My training and experiences with the JMU Combined-Integrated program inspired me to think more deeply and critically. Read more about Lindsay >>

PHOTO: Timothy Brearly

Timothy Brearly

Years Attended: 2011-2015
Advisor: Craig Shealy

I recommend the program often, due to its unique culture which promotes transparency and acceptance, cherishes diversity, and emphasizes authentic personal and professional growth. Read more about Timothy >>

PHOTO: Gerald H. Burgess

Gerald H. Burgess

Years Attended: 2001-2004
Advisor: Craig Shealy

For the last five years I have been a trainer of clinical psychologists at the University of Leicester, UK. In fact, my links with the JMU C-I program continue, as we are in our second year of annual exchanges of trainees between our two universities. Read more about Gerald >>

PHOTO: Christina Connolly

Christina Connolly

Years Attended: 1998-2002
Advisor: Harriet Cobb

When I became a school psychologist, I quickly transitioned again to becoming a school administrator.  JMU encouraged me to strengthen my leadership abilities to support students and staff members in schools.  Read more about Christina >>

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Kara Devers

Years Attended: 2010-2014
Advisor: Trevor Stokes

The C-I program was a perfect fit for me. I appreciated the integrative emphasis and balance of clinical expertise and empiricism. Read more about Kara >>

PHOTO: Adam J. Edmunds

Adam J. Edmunds

Years Attended: 2009-2013
Advisor: Harriet Cobb

I believe my training at JMU was essential in my development as a clinician. The program's emphasis on self-reflection and the multiple aspects of professional psychology were second to none. Read more about Adam >>

PHOTO: Andrea Falzone

Andrea Falzone

Years Attended: 2006-2010
Advisor: Gregg Henriques

I am a licensed clinical psychologist at Penn State's Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), where I specialize in treating survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence.
Read more about Andrea >>

PHOTO: Vesna Hart

Vesna Hart

Years Attended: 2009-2013
Advisor: Craig Shealy

The focus on diversity and global engagement was an important component of the program for me, as I am currently working in the international education field. Read more about Vesna >>

PHOTO: Debi Kipps-Vaughan

Debi Kipps-Vaughan

Years Attended: 1992-1996

I am currently involved in examining data to support a cultural and economic perspective on the issue of disproportionality in special education. I have extended my professional clinical practice to a JMU site in Page County, VA where there are limited mental health providers available.  Read more about Debi >>

PHOTO: Monika Kushwaha

Monika Kushwaha

Years Attended: 2003-2007

Some of the best elements of the program involved my education in the theory and practice of psychotherapy and psychological testing. Read more about Monika >>

PHOTO: Chase Levesque

Chase Levesque

Years Attended: 2004-2008
Advisor: Gregg Henriques

I cannot say enough good things about the training I received at JMU. The small size of the cohort (mine was 5) allowed for attention that I believe was critical to my transformation into a clinical psychologist. Read more about Chase >>

PHOTO: Lauren Mays

Lauren Mays

Years Attended: 2011-2015
Advisor: Gregg Henriques

Through the C-I program, I was able to hone my conceptualization abilities and to enhance my flexibility in implementing treatment that is grounded in a deep understanding of human functioning.
Read more about Lauren >>

PHOTO: Mark Menzies, PsyD

Mark Menzies, PsyD

Years Attended: 2009-2013
Advisor: Gregg Henriques

The emphasis on theory and critical thinking has helped me to recognize treatment principles across interventions, and has been an invaluable tool in my serving as clinical consultant. Read more about Mark >>

PHOTO: Jessica Spaeth

Jessica Spaeth

Years Attended: 2008-2012
Advisor: Craig Shealy

In my current practice, I find myself reflecting and using the skills I developed during my time in the C-I program and feel confident that I would not be the clinician I am today without the guidance of the faculty at JMU. Read more about Jessica >>

PHOTO: Krystal Studivant Nowak, Psy.D., LCP

Krystal Studivant Nowak, Psy.D., LCP

Years Attended: 2011-2015
Advisor: Trevor Stokes

After earning my master's degree in education, I desired a program that would provide me with the skills to work with at-risk youth in both a clinical and a school setting. The invaluable training that I received through the C-I program did just that. Read more about Krystal >>

PHOTO: Jason Stout

Jason Stout

Years Attended: 2007-2010
Advisor: Gregg Henriques

Having supervised 10 doctoral students from varying APA-accredited programs, I can honestly say that JMU C-I students are by far the most well-prepared to manage the complex challenges found in a state psychiatric hospital.  Read more about Jason >>

PHOTO: Mary Joanna Vilar (Mary Joanna Rankin)

Mary Joanna Vilar (Mary Joanna Rankin)

Years Attended: 2003-2007
Advisor: Harriet Cobb

Looking back on the program, what stands out to me most is the emphasis on self-awareness and self-reflection, and how important and necessary that is to be a good psychologist.  Read more about Mary >>

PHOTO: Phoebe Wan

Phoebe Wan

Years Attended: 2009-2013
Advisor: Elena Savina

One of the most valuable things that I learned from the program is the importance of establishing therapeutic relationships. While treatment/intervention might change over time, the value of therapeutic relationship stays constant. Read more about Phoebe >>

PHOTO: Dara Zafran

Dara Zafran

Years Attended: 2005-2009
Advisor: Harriet Cobb & Anne Stewart

My approach in supervision with trainees and staff is reflective and heavily influenced by the training of my JMU supervisors. Read more about Dara >>

Other Alumni Experiences

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