James Madison University

Curriculum Guides

A complete listing of all core and elective courses is available in the official JMU Graduate Catalog.

The program for a given student will consist of a minimum of 57 required hours. Students who enter the program without coursework in the foundational areas below must take additional course work to fulfill the foundational course work expectations.

Foundational Coursework

Foundational coursework includes graduate courses in:

  • Inferential statistics
  • Measurement theory
  • At least two of the following areas: social psychology, cognitive psychology or student development

Required Courses

Required Courses Credit Hours
PSYC 604. Computer-Assisted Data Management 3
PSYC 608. Multivariate Statistics 3
PSYC 770. Assessment and Public Policy 3
PSYC 803. Quasi-Experimental Research Designs and Propensity Score Analysis 3
PSYC 812. Assessment Methods and Instrument Design 3
PSYC 814. Performance Assessment 3
PSYC 816. Classical Test Theory and Generalizability Theory 3
PSYC 825. Doctoral Seminar in Professional Psychology(2 occasions; 2 credit hours per offering) 4
PSYC 830. Structural Equation Modeling 3
PSYC 832. Item Response Theory 3
PSYC 836. Hierarchical Linear Modeling 3
PSYC 855. Assessment and Consultation Practice 3
Approved Electives 9
Required Research Experiences:  
PSYC 879. Doctoral Assessment Practicum 2
PSYC 900. Doctoral Dissertation 9