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Program Description

Doctoral Program in Assessment and Measurement

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Program in Assessment and Measurement provides high-quality, innovative training that features personalized attention of our faculty. Our program is designed to meet the expanding accountability, quality assurance, and outcome assessment needs of the 21st century. A strong emphasis is placed on real-world applications in higher education, with experiential projects and research integrated throughout the program. The skills students develop in the program can be applied in settings such as education, health services, business, and government.

Admission to the Ph.D. program requires that applicants have completed an advanced degree (M.A./M.S.) in psychology, statistics, or a related field. Undergraduate students who are interested in assessment should consider applying to the JMU's Psychological Sciences M.A. Program, which offers a concentration in quantitative methods (assessment, measurement, and statistics). Students who are accepted into the Ph.D. Program in Assessment and Measurement after completing the M.A. Program in Psychological Sciences will have already taken a number of courses required in the doctoral program. As a result, their doctoral program of study will be considerably shortened. However, completion of the M.A. in Psychological Sciences does not guarantee admission into the Ph.D. program in Assessment and Measurement.

Masters Concentration in Quantitative Methods (Assessment, Measurement, and Statistics)

If you are interested in assessment, but you do not yet have a Master's degree, you should apply to the Master of Arts Program in Psychological Sciences at JMU. This program, which has an area of concentration in quantitative methods (assessment, measurement, & statistics), would prepare you for entry-level positions to help colleges, universities, and social service organizations document the effectiveness of their programs and services. Graduates from the Master's program may also apply to the Doctoral Program in Assessment and Measurement for more advanced study.
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Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Assessment

This graduate certificate program offers professional development and certification for assessment practitioners at institutions of higher education. The program will provide the most up-to-date information about assessment practice in higher education, and help you develop skills to apply that knowledge to your institution. All coursework is delivered entirely online, making it convenient for your busy schedule.
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