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Dr. Swerdzewski & Dr. Huff of Regents Research Fund Receive Strategic Partnership Award from Assessment & Measurement Program

PHOTO: Regents Award

The doctoral program in Assessment and Measurement presented its 2013 Strategic Partnership Award to Dr. Peter Swerdzewski & Dr. Kristen Huff of the University of the State of New York—Regents Research Fund. This award was created to honor an organization that has provided significant opportunities for our doctoral students. Peter and Kristen of Regents Research Fund were chosen to receive this award based on their exemplary contributions to the program through mentorship and student internships opportunities.  Specifically, in addition to serving on dissertation committees and providing mentorship at regional and national conferences, Peter and Kristen of Regents Research Fund created internships for doctoral students Jerusha Gerstner and Daniel Jurich. 

Jerusha's summer internship with the Regents Research Fund will directly inform New York State's reform efforts as she assists with the redesign of the state's grade 3-8 and high school exams.  Jerusha will be involved in setting the standards on the state's first Common Core exams, as well as the creation of policy guidance on the state's college and career readiness initiatives. 

PHOTO: Regents Award

Dan Jurich's nine-month internship involves working with the full portfolio of assessment initiatives in the State of New York.  Dan's technical expertise will guide the psychometric redevelopment of the state's high school exit exams, English Language Learners exam, and the exam taken by the state's students with the most profound cognitive disabilities.  Additionally, Dan will assist the state by providing policy guidance on how the new assessment programs can impact curriculum and serve as indicators that students are on track for college and their careers. 

By proving substantive and professional opportunities such as these, Peter and Kristen of Regents Research Fund have made a substantial impact on our students’ learning and development.