James Madison University

Fulcher Wins Award

Dr. Keston Fulcher, Associate Professor of Graduate Psychology and Associate Director of the Center for Assessment & Research Studies (CARS) received the faculty Impact Award.

PHOTO: Fulcher

Impact Award Description:

The faculty Impact Award recognizes one graduate faculty member for their contributions and positive impact on the JMU graduate school community. Their efforts stood out among students and faculty alike for their dedication to learning, compassion for others, selfless efforts, and/or civic mindedness. The award winner is selected by the Scholarship & Awards committee members in the Graduate Student Association, along with the Dean and Associate Dean of the Graduate School.

Example Text from Dr. Fulcher’s Nomination Materials:

What makes Dr. Fulcher exceptional?

“Keston is an exceptional mentor and professor because he inspires his students to make a difference. He really helps us see the big picture, dream big, and situate ourselves such that we can actually achieve our big picture goals. Keston leads by example, giving his students a great example to follow. Also, Keston treats his students like colleagues by supporting them, challenging them, and helping them develop in ways they never even thought they could. One of the things I most appreciate about Keston is the fact that he gives his students the perfect blend of autonomy and support. “

“In addition to the students that Keston works with directly, he also positively impacts members of the JMU community across campus. For instance, his leadership role on the Madison Collaborative has helped JMU create a world-class Quality Enhancement Plan focused on promoting students' Ethical Reasoning skills. Keston's contributions to the Madison Collaborative have been substantial.”

“We are working together to create a new university structure that would improve student learning on campus. This would impact JMU and also set a national standard. Not only is it fulfilling to work with Keston, but our work is making a difference!”

How has Dr. Fulcher’s efforts impacted you?

“Keston has provided me with exceptional advice and guidance as my mentor. His door is always open. He helps me with the logistical questions I have regarding research, but also always takes the time to talk about the "big picture" and career planning. I'm so fortunate to have him as an advisor, and I think his contributions to my development as a professional are greater than my program as a whole!”

“Keston is a great friend, mentor and colleague. I am sure this sentiment is shared by anyone that knows him.”

“When I first started graduate studies at JMU, my professional goals were not clearly defined. Early in my graduate career, Keston asked me what I wanted to achieve in life; he wanted to know what my big goals were. At the time, I didn't really have any big dreams or goals that I could easily identify. Thankfully, after working with Keston for the past two years, I know what my big goals are and he has helped me understand just how I can achieve them.”

“Keston is the first person who made me believe that I could make a real difference in the world of higher education, and through his mentorship I'm confident that I will. Keston is a great motivator; he really knows how to empower his students. In addition, Keston is a highly effective leader and a great team player. I aspire to hold a position of leadership one day and Keston has provided an exceptional model of what it means to be a leader. One aspect of his leadership style that has left a lasting impact on me is the way he leads by example. For instance, he expects his students to work hard because he too is an incredibly hard worker.”