James Madison University

Assessment and Measurement students Andrea Pope and Thai Ong complete summer internships

PHOTO:Andrea Pope
PHOTO:Thai Ong

Over the summer, Assessment and Measurement doctoral student Andrea Pope completed an eight-week internship with ETS—a nonprofit research and testing organization dedicated to advancing quality and equity in education. As part of her internship, she got a behind-the-scenes look at the development of two of ETS’ newest next-generation assessments: the ICD (Intercultural Competency and Diversity) and CCE (Civic Competency and Engagement) HEIghten Modules. In the final days of her internship, Andrea traveled to one of ETS’ largest campuses in Princeton, NJ to present strategies for supporting institutions as they strive to use the results of the HEIghten assessments to improve student learning and development.

Given JMU’s strong focus on both diversity and engagement initiatives, JMU is excited to be participating in a pilot study for both instruments. If the CCE and ICD modules prove to be a good fit, Andrea will serve as a liaison between JMU and ETS—helping the university determine how these assessments can be best used to support JMU’s mission.

Assessment and Measurement Student Thai Ong obtained a summer internship at the American Board of Surgery (ABS) in Philadelphia, PA. The ABS certifies candidates in surgery and is one of the 24 member boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). During his internship, Thai completed two psychometric research projects. One of his research projects involved examining gender and nationality bias on an oral exam administered by the ABS, which culminated in two national conference proposals. In addition to his research projects, Thai had the opportunity to gain familiarity with the test development and scoring process at ABS, and to network with psychometricians from other testing organizations in Philadelphia.